Our world is shaped by far-reaching and rapid changes, leading to significant economic, political and military rearrangements. Facing an emerging new world order should be answered with nouveau solutions and suitable measures.

For this reason the responsibilities and institutional framework of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade was reorganized in order to adjust our own interests, emerging challenges and set of solutions to the changing global political, commercial and geopolitical trends. 
As an integral part of this renewal we had to shift our foreign policy direction in order to promote Hungary’s interests in the most effective manner. Therefore we have decided to pursue a path of pragmatic foreign policy, focusing mainly on national economic interests while in symbiosis with the system and set of tools classical and cultural diplomacy offer. This new direction has highlighted Hungary's key foreign policy objectives, namely that Hungary obtain the highest contribution of industry to GDP as well as export ratio to GDP level in Europe and additionally have the highest per capita direct foreign capital in Central Europe.
The Government has made each structural and organizational change courageously so that our foreign policies contribute to the performance of the Hungarian economy in an ever greater increase. Within this new framework, export development (Hungarian National Trading House Plc.), investment promotion (Hungarian Investment Promotion Agency), export financing (Exim), Joint Economic Committees and the strategic partnership agreements have become an institutional part of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade. From now on the success of our new foreign policy will be easily measured through the level of export, thriving investments, and achievements Hungarian companies reach on foreign markets.

Péter Szijjártó
Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade