77 Elektronika Kft.

77 Elektronika Kft. is a major global developer, manufacturer and supplier of in vitro diagnostic medical devices, mainly urine analyzers, blood glucose meters, rapid test readers and their consumables. The company was founded in 1986 in Hungary (EU), the owners and CEO of 77 Elektronika, Sándor Zettwitz and his daughter, Gabriella Zettwitz manage the day-to-day operation. Since its foundation, 77 Elektronika has been developing dynamically to the full satisfaction of its customers.

From a team of a few people, it has expanded to be a widely acknowledged and prosperous company with more than 700 employees. Our essential objective is to meet the requirements of our customers and distributors while keeping in mind our impact on the environment. The key to company success is our philosophy focusing on innovation and development. The main strength of 77 Elektronika is the dynamic and highly qualified staff of the R&D Department. At the present, more than 110 skillful engineers work in the field of R&D and 8% of the company’s annual revenue is invested in R&D activities. The range of urine analyzers developed by 77 Elektronika includes urine chemistry and urine sediment analyzers. Urine chemistry analyzers are dry chemistry strip readers based on reflectance photometry, while the operational principle of urine sediment analyzers is a world novelty relying on the automation of traditional manual microscopy and advanced image processing. In terms of size, urine analyzers can be small, easy-to-use devices, high throughput, semi-automated analyzers and fully automated instruments. The blood glucose meters manufactured by the company are acknowledged for their high quality and state-of-the-art features. Our rapid test reader (SmartTester) is a point-of-care instrument for in vitro diagnostic use, designed for the quick and quantitative evaluation of the related lateral flow tests.77 Elektronika is strongly committed to be a trusted partner providing high-quality products and services.

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Agrofeed Ltd.

Agrofeed Ltd. is one of the most significant European producer of high quality premixes and feed additives, selling its products in Hungary and 20 other countries in Europe, the Middle East, and Northern Africa. For nearly two decades, our company has been a reliable partner and internationally recognized supplier of top quality premixes to animal husbandry integrations and medium to large size animal husbandry companies and farms.

We provide more than 1000 standard and unique products using the most up-to-date technology, the highest quality ingredients and the most appropriate feed premix, concentrate or pre-starter tailored to the specific production targets and feed production technology of our clients. Our company’s innovative improvements in feeding production are based on the latest research results, scientific literature and recommendations, and results from targeted research at our own test farm, and large scale experiments conducted together with our partners. The key to our success are good quality raw materials, quality controlled manufacturing and our exceptional professional service that extends not only to feed services delivered to animal farms and feed mixing plants, but also to the fields of technology, operational advice, reproduction biology, animal health and quality assurance. Our services are backed up by regular partner meetings, professional conferences and internal trainings. Our activities extend to the development of up-to-date recipes, as well as everyday trading and consultation activities. The Agrofeed Group consists of the following companies, in addition to Agrofeed Ltd.: the Russian Ooo «Agrofeed Rus», the Ukrainian ToV «Agrofeed Ukraina» and the Hungarian Vivafarm and Vivagen. Our factories are in Yasnogorsk, in Tula Countyare (Russia)

and in Szalkszentmárton (Hungary). As for the products of Agrofeed Ltd., the internationally recognized and regularly audited FAMI-QS V6 and ISO 22000:2018 production security systems provide additional security, which covers the manufacturing of the whole product structure, the complete feed and raw material distribution. Our quality control system includes an HACCP programme and the FAMI-QS standard is accepted by the GMP + and the QS feed production systems. Our target partner enterprises are enterprises with livestocks, compound feed plants, compound feed trading companies and livestock management companies, as well as scientific research labs in the field of animal nutrition.

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AlphaVet Ltd.

AlphaVet (a member of Alpha Holding Investment Co. Ltd.) is a Hungarian family-owned enterprise. Established in 1989, AlphaVet Ltd. has been engaged in pharmaceutical trading activity. 

Since then AlphaVet has established 3 different production facilities in Hungary for producing veterinary medicines, feed additives for livestock and pets, and plant nutritionals respectively. The latter ones represent “bio” agricultural production approach. AlphaVet is very active in its export markets, covering 36 countries worldwide. The company has over 100 registrations (Drug Marketing Authorisations) in European countries. AlphaVet is selling its in-house developed and produced veterinary products in 18 EU countries. AlphaVet is market leader in Hungary in the distribution of veterinary pharmaceuticals and feed additives. Furthermore, a continuously increasing part of our revenue is coming from our own production and export activities. In 2019, the total net sales turnover of Alpha Holdin was € 70 Million (+13.8%). The operation of AlphaVet is characterised by a two-digit annual growth of sales turnover lasting for decades, as well as reliability, consistency, and predictability. Alpha Holding currently provides a secure livelihood for over 500 employees. The pharmaceutical factory has EU GMP certification, the feed additive manufacturing plant has GMP+ qualifications. The company is conducting its own original and generic veterinary drug development and is continuously expanding its product portfolio of veterinary medicinal products. AlphaDerm Spray and Marbogen Complex Ear Drop are unique among similar products for dogs – they are sold in 18 EU countries.


We have received the AAA credit rating of Soliditet. In 2018, AlphaVet received ‘the best Hungarian manufacturer of the year’ award from the European Business Awards. 


AlphaVet firmly believes that we must preserve the Earth for our grandchildren. In the spirit of this, the main aim of our development activities is to replace antibiotics and pesticides with substances of natural origin, and to reduce the environmental impacts of agricultural systems. 

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ANY Security Printing Company 

ANY Security Printing Company PLC, together with its subsidiaries (‘the Group’), is among the leading security printing companies and identity solution providers in the Central Eastern European region, with a significant presence in more than 70 countries worldwide. The Company’s shares have been listed on the Budapest Stock Exchange in the premium category since 2005. With more than 1000 employees in 5 countries and 10 premises, their goal is to serve its Partners to the highest standards through continuous innovation and development. The Company helps state administration in secure person and innovative product identification projects from designing the concept to implementation. Its international qualifications and certificates assure the highest security in the field of card and document production and personalisation.

The Company specialises in providing products and solutions for state administrations. These products and solutions for governments are varying in numerous fields: identity cards (e.g. residence permit, refugee card, driving licence, student card, voter’s card), paper-based documents (e.g. breeder document, election forms), documents for person identification (e.g. passport, visa) and other official documents as well as vouchers and excise and tax stamps. ANY offers modular products and complex services in the process of document issuing.

The specialists of the Document Security Laboratory of ANY have developed numerous complex, effective protective solutions, including document printers, security inks, paper additives and special control devices. Their own Document Security Laboratory, references, special technology, security preparedness and more than 170 years of experience guarantee that they can offer the best possible products for their Customers.

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ARH Informatikai Zrt. 

Adaptive Recognition is a software developer and hardware manufacturer company which offers highly reliable intelligent software and imaging devices that process images and data in the ID verification and transportation management sectors. Our company has multiple development centers in Hungary, but it is a truly international and globally active corporation with offices in Denmark, USA and Singapore. 


Transforming the safety of the individual and the society since 1991. Adaptive Recognition aims to provide technological solutions for improving the security in society through continued development of innovative products and services. As a pioneer in optical character recognition (OCR), the company offers devices, software and integrated solutions for the transportation, identity and security industries.


The world around us has accelerated – and it has become more insecure which requires constant adaptation. Half of the global population lives in cities, the urban population increases by 1.5 million every week. These changes generate absolutely new requirements in the road traffic, identity and security industries with the need for security and automation at the same time in perfect collaboration. We need to find new ways of coping with this changing world, that’s why one of our key drives is being adaptive – undertaking our role in ongoing improvement and reaction to the trends of the world.


Our products and solutions are related to road traffic and security:

  • License plate recognition software and cameras;
  • ID document scanner devices and OCR/verification software;
  • Industrial code recognition software;
  • Intelligent Transportation Systems;
  • Smart parking solutions, and
  • Intelligent video surveillance systems: cameras and management software.

Adaptive Recognition’s technology is present in every country, thanks to its 100,000 ANPR systems, 60,000 ID reader systems and 12,000 satisfied partners. 

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Bábolna Tetra Ltd.

The company Bábolna Tetra Ltd. is one of the few primary poultry breeder companies in the world with more than 50 years’ experience. The TETRA brand became well known in the poultry sector in the 80’s because of the excellent performance of different TETRA hybrids. From that time on, TETRA has been present in every part of the world and supplies its customers with competitive hybrids that belong to the best performing ones.

The target of TETRA breeding has not changed much throughout the last decade, finding balance between welfare and economical production and increasing its share in the global market by predicting future trends of the sector. Selection is well on the way to generate improved pure lines with traits important under farm conditions such as nest acceptance, calm behavior, excellent feather coverage and high number of saleable eggs. This program is accomplished by two partner universities with excellent facilities for cutting edge research with non-invasive methods, SNP detection and genetic diversity investigation. The effect of climate changes on animal husbandry, invention on precision feeding and housing techniques, as well as breeding for heat tolerance in layers and meat type chickens, are also hot topics for TETRA in the next years. Famously low mortality of all TETRA hybrids is intended to be maintained no matter which housing system a customer may choose. Bábolna TETRA Ltd. offers to transport breeder flocks to produce various layer hybrids locally. Depending on the market demand TETRA layer hybrids are available in different feather colors and there are different types for brown, white and creamy color egg production. The company has alternative hybrids to cover special market demands. In case of TETRA dual purpose breeds males can be used for chicken meat production, while females produce good quality eggs in high number. Bábolna TETRA Ltd. has also a medium-growing meat type chicken, with premium meat quality and excellent FCR. Bábolna TETRA believes that the Balanced Performance and Outstanding Liveability will guarantee competitiveness and increased popularity of their hybrids around the globe.

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BioTech USA Ltd.

BioTechUSA Group is one of the largest manufacturers and distributors of dietary supplements in Europe, with 24 webshops, 270 franchise stores and 4,500 partners in more than 100 countries. The wholly Hungarian-owned company employs around 1,800 people who believe that health is the greatest treasure in the world and are constantly striving to help more people around the world live healthier, more fulfilling lives through their products and expertise. The company is constantly developing its portfolio of more than 1,500 products to meet the increasingly diverse needs of its customers. All the products are manufactured in the firm’s own production facilities, in a controlled environment, using high quality and carefully selected ingredients. 

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B+N Referencia Zrt.

Founded in 1993, B+N Referencia Zrt. is Hungary's leading facility management company. Its activities cover the entire service spectrum of the industry: cleaning and sanitary cleaning, technical operation, fit-out, gardening, textile services, security services, catering, document management. For years, it has been a stable player in the ranking of the 500 largest domestic companies in terms of turnover.

The company’s aim is to become an integrated FM service provider, first in Central and later in Western Europe. In the last year and a half, they have added five FM subsidiaries, so in 2022 they are already present in Poland, Romania, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Slovenia. This has made them the leading facilities management company in Central and Eastern Europe, employing 20,000 people and covering 15 million square metres. Their customers include major players in the corporate and business sectors, as well as public institutions.

B+N Referencia Zrt. sets the new trends in the industry and is the only facility management company with a dedicated research and development department. With their own staff, their in-house developed robots and smart solutions they provide innovative and integrated FM services.

One of their own developments is the "ROBIN" autonomous industrial cleaning robot, designed for the efficient cleaning of large contiguous areas. And the mobile UVC disinfection device, also developed in-house, takes UV disinfection of passenger vehicles to a higher level. Their autonomous UVC disinfection robot will also be ready soon. 

In addition to robotics development, they also have extensive activities in bioinformatics. They will implement a metagenomics analysis and prediction system in the near future. This revolutionary innovation will allow rapid detection of infectious colonies spreading in community spaces, to prevent a possible epidemic. This unique development will drastically reduce the risk of infection in hospitals, increase patient safety and protect the health and safety of workers in the workplace.

The company aims to create a more liveable world and a healthier environment through their complex services and innovative, in-house developed devices. They at B+N Referencia Zrt. consider it their social mission to raise the social appreciation of cleaning work. After all, it is not only cleanliness that they should cherish, but also the work of the person who creates it.

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Continest Technologies Plc. is a Hungarian engineering and manufacturing company, strategically located in Székesfehérvár. The company is an innovative market-leading foldable container solution, specially developed for the purpose of relatively short-period usage anywhere there is a need for handling large crowds for temporary accommodation, office/meeting rooms, first aid, command post, guard post, storage, service area, cooling and heating purposes. 

The development and production of Continest containers have been taking place in Hungary since 2017. The essence of the Continest foldable solution is that the containers are uniquely developed for easy and quick set up and transport. The solution offers an 80% cost cut on logistic and storage costs, and a similar reduction of CO2 and GHG emissions.

Continest aims to succeed both in the event market segment as well as provide innovative solutions to the defense industry. Continest Technologies Plc is highly commited towards environmental issues and sustainable development which covers all areas of business relations. 

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Control-X Medical Ltd.

Control-X Medical was established in 1990 with the ambition of designing and producing world class diagnostic x-ray systems for medical and veterinary use. We offer a wide product range including the most sophisticated, automated radiographic suites, with flexible configurations and a low total cost of ownership. The company is headquartered in Hungary and has an office in the United States as well.

In the past 30 years, over 5,000 Control-X Medical systems have been installed in more than 50 countries on all continents. Our products and operations are constantly reviewed in accordance with key global regulatory requirements (ISO, CE, FDA) enabling us to market our products worldwide. Our broad international footprint is made possible by a network of highly qualified and experienced reseller partners who provide personal, local service to our customers. Control-X Medical markets a range of human diagnostic x-ray products from fully automated digital systems to simpler, manual setups with solutions for every market and medical institution. Our flagship Perform-X family of medical diagnostic x-ray suites offers full automation to accelerate procedures for patients while ensuring safety and reducing the stress and workload of busy hospital staff. (Please scan the QR code for a video of our Perform-X system.) For our product innovation we were honoured with the Hungarian Quality Product Award in 2014. In our latest key project, we are working together with our South African partner to expand access to high quality diagnostic imaging in the region by delivering dozens of highly sophisticated digital systems to hospitals in two provinces. Control-X Medical is active in the field of veterinary radiology as well. The ZooMax family of veterinary x-ray systems is very popular in countries such as the US, Finland, Denmark, Germany and Austria, as well as Singapore where veterinary clinics and hospitals demand high quality and durable systems. We are present at major industry trade shows worldwide in Chicago, Düsseldorf, Vienna and Dubai. The company’s full range of high-quality radiographic systems is flanked by top-notch service and support ensured jointly through our local distributors and our in-house technical personnel. 

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Csaba Metál ZRT. 

CSABA METÁL Plc. is a company on 100% Hungarian private ownership. The corporation was originally founded in 1993 as a one-person company. The enterprise consists of two different divisions.

The high pressure die casting foundry is located in Békéscsaba, where aluminium high pressure die castings are manufactured mainly supplying the automotive industry. The parts manufactured in Békéscsaba can be found in many well-known passenger cars, such as Audi, BMW, Chrysler, Citroën, Ferrari, Fiat, Ford, Jaguar, Mercedes, Nissan, Opel, Porsche, Renault, Toyota, Volvo and Volkswagen. The foundry is a TIER 1 supplier for BMW and Volkswagen and TIER 2 supplier for customers such as Continental, Bosch, Delphi and ZF. Besides the casting itself, the location is capable of machining, industrial washing of die casted parts, pre-assembling, X-Ray and CT inspecting among others. The foundry is certified to IATF 16949 and ISO 14001. The steel frame branch of the company in Szeghalom was acquired in 2005. This factory manufactures bus chassis, superstructures, air and fuel tanks, chassis for other vehicles, trailers and various components. In 2011 the company was given the "Hungarian Product Award" for the development and manufacture of the URBANUS midibus. Main customers are: Cargotec, Goldhofer, Schwarzmüller, Terberg, Palfinger and Ravo. Both locations are capable of engineering activities with the most up-to-date software, such as Catia, Abaqus finite element analysis software, NovaFlow & Solid casting simulation software. There are more than 950 employees in the company working in three shifts – five days a week. In 2019 the total company turnover reached 61 million euros. A few examples of awards recognitions from the life of Csaba Metal Plc.: Preferred supplier of Trelleborg, Above & Beyond Award of Delphi, Supplier of the Year of Continental, Preferred supplier of ZF, Investor of the year award issued by the Minister for National Economy of Hungary as well as the Investor of the month award issued by the Minister for National Economy of Hungary. 

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Csatári Plast Ltd.

Csatári Plast was founded in 1995 in Nemesvámos, near Lake Balaton, Hungary. As part of the Jáger group of companies, it is 100% privately owned by prominent entrepreneur László Csatári. The main factories are located in Herend, Nemesvámos and in Cluj Napoca, Romania.

Csatári Plast represents a major force in the field of high quality glass-fibre reinforced polyester enclosures, and it develops, produces and sells comprehensive and competitively priced products in the field of e-Mobility, electrical metering cabinets, EX - junction boxes, photovoltaic string combiner boxes, distribution cabinets and enclosures for surveillance, public lighting and telecommunication. In addition, a wide range of accessories is sold in many countries. Csatári Plast exports its high-quality products directly to twenty countries and it is looking for more partners worldwide. Csatári Plast is ready to cooperate with international companies in the field of research and development, product development and adaptation of electric enclosures to local needs. Csatari Plast maintains a large metal workshop, where, besides the metal components, the press and injection moulds are designed, developed and produced. Thanks to its flexibility, Csatári Plast is able to ensure that its products are available whenever and wherever customers need them. All the enclosures produced by Csatári Plast comply with relevant international standards, and they are fire and UV resistant. The reliable quality of the products is ensured by the certified JAG-LAB, a Material Inspection Laboratory maintained by Jáger group. Csatári Plast is also highly active in the field of plastic material recycling. Based on Mr. Csatári’s patents the company is capable of completing the full cycle of plastic recycling: creating new products from waste material. The new products are used in agriculture, occupational health and safety, and noise protection.

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Dorsum Zrt.

Since its foundation in 1996, Dorsum has become one of the leading innovative investment software & solutions providers in the CEE region. In the past 20 years, its staff grew from a handful of people to an SME with almost 300 employees and more than 80 clients in 10 countries. Its clientele includes almost every large bank and wealth management firm in the region, and a significant portion of securities trading and clearing is performed through its systems in Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria. The company is in 100% Hungarian private ownership, with 5 offices in the region.

Dorsum offers a complete suite of back-to-front-office wealth and investment management solutions for commercial banks, investment providers, asset management firms, insurance companies, pension funds and national treasuries. It also works in close professional partnerships with key domestic and international central securities and monetary clearing houses. Among its distinguished clients, it counts the Hungarian National Bank, KELER Ltd. (Central Clearing House and Depository), GIRO Ltd, the Budapest Stock Exchange, the Vienna Stock Exchange and the Hungarian State Treasury. It is proud to say that its software solutions serve millions of investors and about 80% of Hungarian state bonds are distributed through Dorsum's systems. The company also works with the region’s international banking groups in numerous countries. To name a few of its satisfied customers, it has OTP, Raiffeisen, Erste, Citi Bank, KBC, Intesa Sanpaolo, and BNP Group. The company is also proud to have broken into the English market in 2020 by providing a complete wealth management front-end solution for Sarasin & Partners. Its satisfied customers and prestigious awards, such as the Wealth briefing and the Banking Innovation award confirm the exceptional professional renown of the company. In fact, Dorsum is the only company in the WealthTech market to have won the "Best of Show" award for its solutions three times in a row at Finovate Europe, one of the largest and most distinguished trade conferences. Having covered and outgrown the domestic market, Dorsum is now set to expand into new territories with its ever-growing suite of securities investments, WealthTech solutions and professional expertise. 

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FF Fémfeldolgozó Zrt.

The FF Co. Ltd. was established in 1949, since 2005 it is a member of Rév Group. The company – having a history of more than 70 years – is a specialist in processing stainless steel, and has been a major supplier of Western (mainly German) companies since the 1980s, especially in the field of gastronomy. More than 97% of the company’s sales revenue comes from export, which exceeded 6 billion forints (approached 20 million euro) in 2019.

Our products correspond to the very strict international quality requests and regulations. The internal processes of FF Co. Ltd. and the quality management system was formed and audited according to the basic rules of the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 as well. With our modern machine park, electro polishing facility and powder coating capabilities the major focus of our manufacturing is on products for professional commercial kitchens, complete systems for shop-baking equipment, accessories for sterilization equipment and our own ’Medical Line’ with furniture for clinics, ambulances and medical practices of the highest quality. In the recent decades, as a result of several developments, the factory in Mezőtúr is a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, where more and more value added and complete equipment is being manufactured. By our continuous improvements we ensure high-level production in accordance with the maximum technical and quality requirements. In 2016–17, the company acquired the complete medical range from our Partner BLANCO Professional, and now these market-leading products are made in Hungary under the brand name of FF MED. Our Medical Line consists of cabinet systems, functional trolleys, sterile services equipment and mobile furnishings for operating rooms. If needed, our technical design team can adjust and improve the standard products according to the special requirements of our Partners. Our medical portfolio was rewarded several times with Red Dot Award, the quality is exceptional (market leader in Germany) which is accompanied by our 70 years of experience, continuous growth and depvelopment.

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Gallicoop Pulykafeldolgozó Zrt.

Gallicoop is Hungary’s largest turkey meat producing company with around 1,400 employees, an integrated closed production system, processing yearly 40,000 tonnes of livestock and exporting its turkey products to three continents (Europe, Asia and Africa). The company is dedicated to continuously meet and exceed its own expectations in food safety and quality, which enabled them to become domestic market leader in turkey meat production.

The company was founded in 1989, started its operation as a slaughter house and has undergone several changes in the last 30 years, including the expansion of its core activities and its product portfolio as well as the change in company structure and ownership in 2020. The 100% family-owned company was bought by a Hungarian private equity fund with several prestigious and traditional agro-producers, raw material producers for food industry and consumer goods in its portfolio and, thus it opened a new chapter of external market growth in the company’s history. Gallicoop controls the whole production and distribution chain “from farm to fork”, starting with the production of special turkey feed, through parent stock, hatchery and growing right up to processing, packaging, storing and delivering the final products to the customers. The brand Gallicoop represents always reliable, healthy and high-quality products including fresh and frozen turkey meat, breaded products, turkey hams and cold cuts, sausages and salamis as well as turkey liver pâté and turkey bacon. Gallicoop’s highest priority is to run a sustainable operation. It sets a clear example for its market competitors by putting significant emphasis on the usage of environmentally friendly solutions: own water sources, own biological sewage plant, connected biogas plant and a solar cell park under construction. Gallicoop represents a synergy of highest standards, expertise, effort and dedication. Gallicoop has its production plant and head office in Szarvas and has two sales offices in Budapest and in Hong Kong.

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The legal predecessors of Ganz Machinery Works Holding group can be traced back to the beginning of the Hungarian industrialization in the middle of the 19th century, to the foundation of Ganz in 1844 and MÁVAG in 1867. The legal predecessors played a significant role in the history of Hungarian industrial development. 

Ganz Machinery Works Holding is one of the largest machinery works in Hungary. Its products are related to railway transport, power generation, water supply, management of water resources, agriculture, urbanization and environmental protection, therefore they play an important role in the development of Hungarian infrastructure. Today 70-80 % of the products are sold abroad in strong international competition. The subsidiaries of the holding group are also subcontractors for leading companies known all over the world.

The products require high quality standards, continuous development, flexibility and great experience in manufacturing. The members of the holding group have been awarded the Quality Assurance Registration according to ISO 9001 and 9002 and the necessary special professional qualifications. 

From the technological point of view the company is characterized by tailor-made and small-series production. It has a comprehensive range of machine tools, highly qualified, educated and skilled workers and a flexible approach to enable it to satisfy the specific needs of its customers.

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GEMTECH Ltd. is a privately owned company registered in Hungary that has become one of the fastest developing and largest manufacturers of steel structures and machinery in the Central-Eastern European region over two decades.

The company is specialized in producing high quality structures, that can be divided into 3 main categories:

  1. Structures under dynamic force (e.g. bridges, cranes, lifting equipment)
  2. Custom machined units (e.g. rolling mills equipment, excavators, scrap machines)
  3. Special machine components produced for theenergy sector (e.g. power plant equipment, generatorand turbine components, base frames)

Our world-class products are manufactured in Napkor (Eastern Hungary), in an industrial area of approximately 130,000 m2. GEMTECH Ltd. has at its disposal approximately 12,000 m2 of indoor manufacturing space covered with cranes with a minimum of 75 tonnes of lifting capacity.

  • We have a well-rounded experience in the field of bridge and crane manufacturing, with a currentannual production capacity of over 10,000 tonnes.
  • We can handle 120 tonnes in weight and 40 metres, in length.
  • The team of GEMTECH consists of 250 peoplewith currently 92 welders and 87 fitters beingpermanent staff and a few sub-contractors. 

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Graboplast Zrt.

Graboplast is the biggest independent floor covering manufacturer in Central Europe, producing realwood parquets and PVC floor coverings in three sites in Hungary.

Throughout its more than 110 years of history, the company has always placed great emphasis on fulfilling the manyfold demands of the market and on the ability for continuous development and renewal. The best indicator of this capability is that the company develops the products by itself, as well as the production and recycling technologies. As a result, the company has many of its methods patented, among others the technology of a self-disinfecting surface, that eliminates harmful microorganisms without the use of any chemicals.Graboplast exports its products to more than 90 countries worldwide, and is market leader in the sales of homogeneous and heterogeneous PVC floor coverings in Hungary. Floor coverings can be categorized into two basic groups, depending on the application and technical performance. The common characteristics of engineered wood parquets and residential sheet vinyl products are the aesthetic appearance and the ability to suit household demands.Commercial vinyls are of higher value-added products: they have special attributes in one or more technical aspects. These special vinyl floorings, usedin hospitals, schools, offices, shops, sport courts, buses, subways, restaurants and many other public places, have been in the center of Graboplast’s blueprint for the past 15 years.The company’s strategy, up to 2025, focuses on strengthening the presence in Central European and other main market channels, primarily in the healthcare, education, sports and hospitality segments.

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HELL Energy Magyarország Ltd.

One of the world’s most dynamically developing FMCG brands, HELL ENERGY provides exceptional quality energy drinks for an affordable price. The enterprise was founded in Hungary in 2006 as a privately-owned company. In just 3 years HELL became the domestic market leader and due to its unique concept and excellent sales strategy its expansion has rapidly grown beyond the borders as well. In 2020, HELL is available in more than 50 countries and has the leader position in several of them. 


The HELL ENERGY portfolio includes 10 permanent and 4 limited (2-2 seasonal) products. Special flavours and sugar-free variants are available as well as energy drinks with additional functions. The products contain only the best ingredients, real granulated sugar and caffeine, without preservatives.In 2013, the company has expanded its portfolio with soft drinks – ice teas, later on carbonated softdrinks. With its premium composition XIXO brand represents a new generation of the soft. The carbonated drinks are made with stevia and fructose, the sugar-free variants do not contain aspartame. All the XIXO products are pasteurized as well. Launching its ready-to-drink iced-coffee portfolioin 2019, HELL has entered a new product category. ENERGY COFFEE is a milked-based iced-coffee line including 3 variants – Cappuccino, Latte and SlimLatte – all three are made with real milk and real coffee extract, without preservatives. With Slim Lattethe line provides choice for those who would like to avoid added sugar in their iced coffee. From the newly built factory, HELL produces milk based drinks and started to deliver them into 14 countries. From the point of view of national economy, this investment gains a high importance. 


All the 3 HELL portfolios are packed in 100% and infinitely recyclable aluminum cans which have been made in-house since 2017, in a state-of-the art aluminium beverage can factory named QUALITY PACK. By this highest level of vertical integration– wellknown brand, ultramodern own can factory and filling factories – HELL can be considered as a totallyunique player in the beverage sector, worldwide. 

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HungaroControl Zrt.

HungaroControl is a certified provider of air navigation services and specialist professional services. With its dedicated workforce, HungaroControl delivers safe, efficient and environmentally sustainable air navigation services to more than one million flights in Hungary and – on NATO assignment– in the upper-airspace of Kosovo. Leveraging both a breadth and depth of experience, HungaroControl also partners with service providers globally to solve their burning problems and achieve their strategic goals, providing customers with more than just step-change improvements, but clear pathways to translate air traffic management innovation into valued service outcomes. 


With deep experience in the air traffic management domain, HungaroControl also partners with service providers to implement innovative solutions, suchas the adoption of artificial intelligence, into operational environments to deliver safety, efficiency andcost-effectiveness benefits in a service providers airtraffic control system.


Highly developed experience in providing air navigation services, HungaroControl is a certified air navigation service provider that manages air traffic within Hungarian airspace and within the upper-airspace over Kosovo. We support these services witha strong capability base that covers areas such as aeronautical information management and safety management. Our professionals bring years of experience at breadth and depth as users, operators and delivery specialists. In addition to our in-house track record, we have worked with clients and partners to successfully validate and introduce advanced air traffic management concepts into international operating environments.


We offer access to air traffic services training through Entry Point Central, our established trainingpartner. As a certified training organisation (EU No2015/34), Entry Point Central provides ab-initio and development training for air traffic controllers.


Simulation HUB is Europe’s largest commercial radar simulator for validation activities. We offer end-to-end simulation solutions in a state-of-the-art technical environment, and in compliance with the highest standards of innovation.

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Ilcsi Szépítő Füvek Biokozmetikai Ltd.

Ilcsi Beautifying Herbs is a professional natural cosmetic brand established in 1958. All products aremade of native, certified, organic fresh herbs, fruits, vegetables and thermal water of the Carpathian Basin, using the power of natural active ingredients rather than extracts. Ilcsi Beautifying Herbs is presentvia cosmeticians, distributors, agents and webshop in 37 countries, including North-America with adifferent brand name: ”Ilike”.


Ilcsi natural skincare products contain whole plants or plant parts and have an outstandingly high concentration of active ingredients, which makes these carefully produced cosmetics so unique. The plants used are mostly grown on Ilcsi’s organic plantation certified by Öko-Garancia or on other Hungarian organic plantations or they are wild harvested herbs. The purity of the products is an essential part of Ilcsi’s quality: it satisfies the highest standards set for natural cosmetics, the products are audited and certified by the German BDIH, a certification body which applies the strictest certification standards of COSMOS.


The story of Ilcsi brand goes back to 1958. Ilona Katona, commonly known as ’Aunt Ilcsi’, was a cosmetician with wide holistic knowledge, who travelled the world and had the honor of being invited to 23 CIDESCO cosmetic world congresses. She laid the foundations of her own natural cosmetics brand as being unsatisfied with the ineffective products available at that time in Hungary. The company Ilcsi Beautifying Herbs Ltd. was founded together with her son in 1984. She combined here experience and spirit with state-of-the-art technology, and offered her products for salon treatments for cosmeticians, as well as for home use. We are proud, that our brand is on the list of Hungaricums, and that year by year we won multiple brand awards, like Hungarian Brands, Superbrands, and Hungarian Product Awards. Ilcsi, as a pioneer of Hungarian natural skincare was honored in 2018by the local partner organization of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development with the Change Leader Prize. 

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Innomed Medical Zrt. 

Innomed Medical - Medical Developing and ManufacturingInc. was founded in 1989 by Hungarian bio-medical engineers with long-term experience in ECG development. The company is in 100% Hungarian private ownership, manufacturing high-tech medical devices with exceptional growth in Hungary and on the international market. Due to continuous R&D activities and innovative aspirations, the company isable to keep its leading position in medical devices development around the world. The company’s products are manufactured under strict ISO 13485 and 9001 regulations in its own factory, in Esztergom, Hungary. The company delivers its products, bearing the CE marking to more than 70 countries worldwide. The Innomed devices are already present in 110 countries.

The company's focus is mainly on product groups for cardiology and radiology. Innomed is the only Hungarian defibrillator manufacturer, and as such, it offers clinical defibrillators, ECG devices, Holter and Stress test systems, developed and manufactured by the company itself. As one of the few generator manufacturers in the world, Innomed produces a complete family of high frequency X-ray generator devices, developed by their own. As a developer, Innomed is continuously working onnew products based on market needs. In 2021 the company will introduce the most recent family member ofits life-saving devices and will broaden its cardiology and radiology portfolios. Innomed designs, manufactures, distributes and supports medical devices that contribute to excellent quality healthcare services. Its main goal is to provide state-of-the-art solutions at reasonable price. Innomed believes in achieving this goal by keeping the customers’ requirements and satisfaction in mind and by cooperating with its suppliers successfully. Innomed’s responsibility towards its customers doesnot stop at the moment of the “sale”. It also provides customer support services for partners to ensure continuous operation and high-quality product maintenance. 

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Jász-Plasztik Ltd.

The family – owned company established its reputation with plastic processing, but it also supplies multinational companies. As a part of our corporate strategy, sustainability is paramount as well as quality and productivity. Our company is committed to protect the environment, to be a responsible members of society, the economy and to support our colleagues.

With more than 350 injection moulding machines we are among the market leaders in Hungary. We offer the widest range of technologies. The injected, painted, tampoo printed, hot stamped parts produced by us are assembled with purchased components. We mainly do preassembling activities and electrical assembly. Our machine park consists of 22 Erlenbach shape moulding machines, 2 blockmoulding machines and cutting lines. Insulating blocks are produced on the block moulding machines. We design, produce moulds and equipments, while we also repair and maintain them. In a 37,000 square meter production hall after recycling used batteries, we produce new batteries. Our yearly capacity from traction batteries reaches 320,000 pcs and from starter type it reaches 1,300,000 pcs. In our Nagyréde factory site we form and print food approved cups and buckets for diary products, In relation with this, the aluminium closing foil is cut to the correct size and printed here. Our extrusion lines are capable of processing several types of raw materials: PP, PC, PS, PMMA and PET. Extrusion is an excellent way to process PET, LDPE and HDPE materials which are recycled at our Jászapáti factory site. We produce indoor and outdoor paint and plaster for the construction industry. We also produce summer and winter windscreen washers, antifreeze liquids

and concentrates. You can meet us on the roads of Europe. We operate 40 trucks available for domestic transportation and further 40 for international transportation. Our company recycles lead acid batteries and PET bottles as well as LDPE/HDPE foil. Our principal is that the future of our successors is highly dependent on how we can treat and recycle waste generated by today’s consumer society.

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Kerox Ltd.

Kerox is widely recognized as the world leader inceramic valving – not just in numbers sold, but alsoin the quality of our cartridges. Engineered and produced from start to finish in our advanced European facility, Kerox cartridges are the standard towhich all others are compared.

Though there are many suppliers of ceramic cartridges available today, Kerox continues year after year as the largest for two key reasons – unmatched product quality and customer service. Our customers understand the important difference between cartridges that perform and deliver reliably– and ones that sell for less. Since beginning as one of the pioneers in the sector of ceramic faucet valving in 1982, Kerox has never relied on past successes to maintain its leadership position in this industry. The basis of this strategy is our ongoing policy of reinvesting into new ceramic and thermostatic valving products, overseen by a team of 25 engineers. This unmatched commitment to R&D continues toresult in a flow of innovative products, including special types developed specifically for individual customers, as well as continual improvements to our standard models. Starting with just basic single-lever ceramic cartridges years ago, this R&D priority has given the faucet industry many more “valving engines” with which towork, including:

  • Advanced single-lever
  • Thermostatic
  • Pressure balance
  • Water saving
  • Energy saving
  • Joystick
  • Rotary (cycling/progressive)
  • Diverter
  • Flow-through
  • One fluid single lever
  • Push-button 

In many cases, certain cartridges within various categories are interchangeable with each other in terms of their fit within the same faucet or shower valve body. This is a distinct advantage to the faucet manufacturer from the standpoint of minimizing additional tooling and inventory of mating bodies.

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KÉSZ Group 

KÉSZ Group is an international construction company with one of the widest business portfolios in Hungary. From design and construction to operation, KÉSZ Group performs all related tasks through its competencies and resources, which the current and future market customers need.

KÉSZ Group’s major engineering activities vary from designing and executing buildings to manufacturing steel structures, vessels, general electric works, cladding to reinforced concrete structures. The diversity of the company is proven not only by the diverse references but also by the innovative solutions and the continuous renewal capability. In the last 40 years, this enabled us to build as many industrial, defense, logistics, commercial and tourist facilities that their combined area equals eight times the area of New York city (approx. 5.5 million m2). We could produce the Eiffel Tower in our steel structure facility two times yearly. We are constantly testing our knowledge in Hungary and in the international market: in the past 38 years, we won more than 30 domestic and international awards and successfully received more than 40 certifications. We designed and built the Budapest Liszt Ferenc Airport Terminal B, Skycourt and Pier B facilities, produced and lifted in one piece the steel structure roof of the Danube Arena and built several factories for international brands throughout the whole CEE region, e.g.: Magna, Daimler, P&G, Diehl, etc.Aside from our professional expertise we care about our 2,000 colleagues, partners, and our environment. At every construction site we provide everybody (evenour partners) the occupational safety training necessaryfor safe work (10,000 people are lectured eachyear). Our own foundation created by our founder aimsto help colleagues and family members in need in difficulttimes, such as an accident, sudden death, etc. Without protecting our environment and supporting the members of the next generation our successful future cannot be granted. Thus, thanks to our special processes and post-sorting, we recycle 83% of the waste generated on our construction sites. The Grouphas been committed supporter of youth education in the sector, and in sport activities. That is why we rely on each other and build on our knowledge! 

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Köröstej Ltd.

Founded in 1989, Kőröstej Group is Hungary's leading cheese producer and exporter. Its cheeses are lovingly produced across four factories spread throughout the scenic Hungarian countryside and sold all over the world. Kőröstej sells its cheeses to over 50 countries, including the Middle East, Europe, Africa, North America, Australia, New Zealand and the Far East.

Employing about 1,000 people across its plants, Kőröstej produces about 40,000 tonnes of cheese per annum. The company supplies the major supermarket chains in Hungary, Europe and the Middle East. Its vast portfolio of high-quality cheeses and unparalleled expertise make Kőröstej stand out: it can provide its partners with a complete range of products, eastern or western, at a standard of quality that the consumers dare not dream of. Kőröstej is one of the leading producers of Kashkaval cheese in the world, it also produces over a hundred different kinds of cheese, from Hungarian Parenyica, to Middle Eastern Labneh and Chilal, and globally renowned cheeses like Grill cheeses and processed cheeses in all possible forms. The company’s success is based not only on the extraordinary number of cheese products it is specializedin, but also on perpetual product development and cutting-edge innovation, which makes it a serious playeron the global stage. The company takes a great deal of pride in being a bridge between countries and cultures. Whether hand-wrapping Hungarian smoked Parenyica cheese, meticulously folding Halloumi type grill cheese, or artfully braiding Middle Eastern Jadal cheese, Kőröstej takes utmost pride in the rich cheesemaking traditions that the company helps to keep alive. Yearly around 40,000 tonnes of cheese are produced infour factories with the help of approximately 1,000 employees at Kőröstej.

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Master Good Co. Ltd.

Master Good Co. Ltd. is Hungary’s biggest integrated poultry production system. The company is100% owned by the Bárány family. The family has been breeding poultry since 4 generations; therefore it is the oldest poultry breeding dynasty inCentral Europe. The integration produces chickens. 

We were the first to achieve the requirements of Mc Donald’s broiler Flagship farm in the world. The poultry-processing plant in Kisvárda operates tothe IFS and BRC quality assurance schemes to ensure the quality of the manufactured products and safe food production. Moreover, the plant operates to the British Tesco Integra and Tesco Food Manufacturing Standards.

Our company supplies the major supermarket chains (Tesco, Spar, Aldi) in Hungary and Western Europe as well. We have strong position on Hungarian, Eastern European, Austrian, German and UK markets. We are selling our products from Canada through Africa to Asia. Master Good is a proud supplier of the McDonald’s supply chain.

Production volumes of the company:

 Growing grain on 5,500 ha

  • Producing 130,000 tons of feed/year
  • 450,000 parent stock/year
  • 72 million day-old chicks/year
  • 72 million chicken slaughtering/year
  • 8,500 tons of convenient food product/year

Products (for more products please see our website)

  • chicken breast fillet single with inner in MAP,600-750g/tray
  • free range whole chicken IVP, 1,200-1,600g/chicken
  • cooked chicken portions in bag, 250-300g/bag
  • BBQ kebabs and/or chicken breast in MAP, 250-700g/tray
  • Braded products in bag 500-10,000 g/bag
  • Calibrated wings and legs with IQF freezing technology 

All products are available fresh or frozen; cooked and BBQ line in different flavors. 

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Masterplast Nyrt. 

Masterplast is the manufacturer of solutions. Founded in 1997, Masterplast owns subsidiaries in 9 countries,7 production bases and distributes its products in most European countries. This stock exchange-listed company has a turnover of more than 120 million euro and employs over 1,100 people. 

The company has become known as the largest Hungarian-owned manufacturer of building materials, but today, besides being an ambitious player in healthcare industry it is also active in the packaging business. Masterplast serves over 6,500 customers and partners in Europe focusing on successful long-term co-operations. With more than 20 years of experience in trading and manufacturing, Masterplast is now a major player inthe CEE construction material market. The marketed distributed products are related to energy savings and building renovations. The company is market leader in external thermal insulation composite system (ETICS) and roof underlayments in several CEE countries. Masterplast is specialized in producing marketable product solutions meeting the customers’ needs. With an annual capacity of 150 million square meters, the company is the world's 3rd largest producer of fiberglass mesh fabrics and a major European manufacturer of roof underlayments. With the recent acquisition in Germany in 2020, Masterplast entered the healthcare industry, and two major healthcare investments have been started since then. As a result of the new developments, by the end of 2021, an integrated production facility is being established: besides the production of nonwoven health careraw materials, complex finished products will start tobe produced. In the coming years, the company aims to become a major player in the healthcare industry on the European market. Masterplast started the extrusion of PE foams in 2005.The production line of Masterfoam Ltd. has undergone several technological and capacity developments in recent years, enabling the production of high-quality extruded PE foam boards and rolls for both the construction and the packaging industry. Unique partner needs are served under the framework of quality-assured production processes.

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Mediso Medical Imaging Systems Ltd.

Mediso Medical Imaging Systems with headquarters in Budapest is a dynamic supplier of Nuclear Medicine and modern Hybrid Imaging techniquesto health care and medical research institutionsof the world. The company was founded in 1990 by experts of the largest research and manufacturing company of the region which has been engaged with nuclear equipment manufacturing since 1960.

Research and Development

The business strength and perspective of Medisois based on its R&D activity. To keep production on the leading edge, continuous development of new products is a must. The company’s declared aim isto develop competitive Nuclear Medicine and HybridImaging equipment applying the most up-to-date technology. More than 50% of Mediso employees are engaged with R&D. 75% of the overall Mediso employees hold college, university or higher academic degrees. Several co-operations have been formed with hospitals, clinics and scientific institutions ensuring thatthe developed technology is responsive to the needsof Mediso’s clinical partners.


The unique systems designed with top level engineering are elaborated solid solutions implemented to physical reality by the manufacturing section of Mediso. Carefully selected suppliers of quality parts and specialized high-precision subsystem manufacturers are key factors in final product integration.

Sales and After-sale Services

The Mediso-affiliated German, Polish, North Americanand Australian subsidiaries and the worldwide distributor network ensures close contact with our customers and offers quick response for their requests. More than 1,500 Mediso cameras are installed worldwide in 98 countries.

Diagnostic Clinical Services

Mediso operates two PET-CT and nuclear medicine centers at Debrecen University and in Budapest. The strong university and clinical background provides Mediso with first-hand experience and important application feedback.

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Meditop Pharmaceutical Ltd.

MEDITOP Pharmaceutical Ltd. was the first Hungarian privately owned pharmaceutical manufacturing company being founded and having obtained manufacturer’s authorization after the change of the Hungarian politicalsystem in 1991.

The company is a rapidly developing medium sized Hungarian pharmaceutical manufacturing company with its own research and development capacities and sales network. The revenue is over 23 million euro and the numberof the employees is close to 230.MEDITOP’s core business is manufacturing solid dosage forms of pharmaceuticals (tablets, film-coatedtablets, hard gelatine capsules, granules, powders) in two modern facilities, an activity in which their staff have considerable experience. MEDITOP is using state-of-the-art equipment and technologies, which ensures that the products measure up to the strictest quality requirements. MEDITOP’s wide ranging equipment and well-experienced specialists: make it possible to manufacture different orders with flexible deadlines, applying the most complex technologies.

MEDITOP can also offer professional services including:

  • Contract manufacturing,
  • Regulatory services,
  • R&D,
  • Development of the Pharmaceutical forms, customized drug release technology and co-developmentof generic drugs,
  • Logistic services,
  • Sales and marketing activity.

MEDITOP Pharmaceutical Ltd. is already a key player in the Hungarian pharmaceutical market with its OTC and Rx products range. The company mainly focuses on CNS products like treatment of epilepsy, Parkinson-disease and cognitive decline. The company has a significant business activity in most of the European Union countries (Austria, Belgium, Germany, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia and United Kingdom) and in the Asian region as well (Azerbaijan, Georgia, Singapore, UAE, Uzbekistan and Vietnam). The main goal of the company is to extend its development, registration and manufacturing activity indifferent export markets and find possible partners to manage the distribution and the promotion activity as well.

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Műszer Automatika Ltd.

Műszer Automatika Ltd. is a family-owned company established in 1982 with the aim to provide innovative solutions in safety engineering. As a result of continuous innovation and development the company is amarket leader in several business areas. The company’s main activities include development, production and service of railway signalling and safety devices, traffic automation equipments, public and industrial gas and solvent vapour detector systems. The latest product of the company is an innovative heat protection technology, embodied by MANTI® CERAMIC. 

In the past 40 years over 3,000 barrier drive systems have been installed, most of them still operating as of today. The level crossing protection systems have been developed and are manufactured in accordance with the European safety standards such as EN 50126 with safety integrity level SIL4. The company's other railway products include LED signals, railroad switch drives and heating solutions. The gas and solvent vapour detector systems are capable of detecting more than 100 types of gases/solvents, to protect the employees from hazardous substrates. Many of the company's equipments are ATEX certifiedand are available for use in explosive atmospheres. The portfolio’s most recent product – MANTI® CERAMIC– is a state-of-the-art thin layer coating suitable for use against solar irradiation on various architectural and technological surfaces, consequently providing efficient heat protection. Owing to its extraordinary reflectance, this product can alleviate summer-time energy expenditure used for cooling and thereby reduce the ecological footprint, especially in hot and sunny climates. It iswater-based and its manufacturing process is environmentally friendly. The current production infrastructureis able to produce more than 1 million litres of MANTI® CERAMIC annually 

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Naturtex Ltd.

Naturtex Ltd. is a Hungarian family owned company founded in 1989. Manufacturing duvets and pillows filled with goose down and feathers as well as natural and synthetic fiber filled bedding items isthe company´s core business. Naturtex is the leading bedding brand with a market share of 35% in Hungary, and is a major player in Central Europe. 80% of its whole turnover comes from exports into more than 45 countries worldwide.

Naturtex profile

  • 4 production plants
  • 200 employees
  • 20,000 m2 factory area
  • 12,000 m2 warehouse
  • 2,300,000 finished products per year

The product portfolio includes more than 700 different products including feather and down pillows and duvets, natural and synthetic products, products with memory foam fillings, bed linen and terry cloth products (mainly for hotels) and mattresses (mainlyfor hotels).

Targeted clients:

Naturtex has dedicated brands based on different client segments and their expectations: Retailers, E-commerce, Hospitality, Discounters, Aviation and Luxury yacht industry. 

Clients´ benefits:

  • Sustainability is part of every stage of production
  • Modern, efficient production facilities, continuous technical innovation
  • Carefully selected down, feathers and fabrics.
  • Unbeatable price-quality ratio• IDFL certified Naturtex laboratory
  • Tailor-made concepts and strategies for every customer
  • Innovative, personalized product features
  • Consulting to lower your costs

The secret of the Naturtex down:

During the washing and sterilizing process the feathers and downs are washed with a special thermal water technology. The 32oC warm, natural, crystal clear thermal water guarantees the most efficient washing results. Naturtex uses a special thermal oil drying system. Compared to the normal steam drying process at 105oC, the drying technology works at 135oC. Thanks to this high temperature drying, the feather and down is sterilized (99% of all microbesare killed). Fill power is an important quality measurement when it comes to down products. Naturtexfills its comforters only with large-cluster, well selected, premium white Hungarian goose down.

Naturtex – How you sleep, matters.

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Pénzjegynyomda Zrt.

Hungarian Banknote Printing Company (HBPC), as asymbol of tradition and reliability, has always been asignificant part of the high security printing history.

HBPC, member of European Banknote Conference, founded in 1925 and owned by the Central Bank of Hungary,is not only the exclusive manufacturer of the Hungarian banknotes and passports from the beginning but a reliable partner in the implementation of the fullrange of security printing services either on paper, hybridor plastic substrate. 


Banknote, Passport, Travel documents, ID, Loyalty, Transport, Driving licence cards, Certificate, Stamps, Taxstamps, Vouchers.


High security design, Production, Data enrolment and data management, PKI, Personalization, Security transport and mailing, Track & Trace, System integration. The security is the company's mission and HBPC usesits technology and services to protect sensitive data and infrastructure and to enhance the experience of securepayment. Due to the international projects, the printing house gained precious experience in manufacturing and personalization of different types of travel documents such as passports (civil, diplomatic, service passport), refugee’s and workers’ travel documents and different types of visa stickers for African, Asian and European countries. HBPC is also the owner of DIPA Paper Mill, a single security paper manufacturer in Hungary, which enables the company to provide an absolute close circuit service toits customers, since the raw material and the required watermark are designed and manufactured for the dedicated project in the paper mill. HBPC’s international collaborations are not only based on production and services but also enhanced with technological consultancy and knowledge transfer. HBPC enables its customers to implement and develop their own security printing solutions and product portfolio from the design through the document manufacturing and data management to the issuing of all kind of security documents.

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Pick Szeged Zrt. 

During more than 150 years Pick has been a significant player in the European food industry and has been the leader of the Hungarian meat market, offering excellent quality products widely known and appreciated all over the globe. Pick Szeged Co. have the largest dried meat manufacturing capacity in Central Europe and its scope of activities covers the entire meat industry verticum from meat processing to the wholesale and retail distribution of processed meat products. Pick is member of Bonafarm Group, Central Europe’slargest agricultural integration. In Hungary, PICK is the best-known meat industry brand name. We actively export to 30 countries; wehave our subsidiary company in Germany. The flagship product of our company is the world-famous PICK Original Hungarian Winter salami. This uniquely Hungarian product has been produced since 1869 using a well kept secret recipe and contains nothing but selected ingredients. Carefully selected cuts of pork are used, and smoked on real smoke of beech wood that has been dried for 2 years. Under the watchful eyes of our Salami Master who supervises production on an ongoing basis, it is matured for up to 100 days to achieve its unique flavour and white noble mould covered appearance. We produce nearly 9,000,000 sticks a year in our 64 meter high maturing tower’s 32 maturing chambers. Its discintive taste is unrivalled in the world of salamis, making it a great and unique ingredient of sandwiches, salads and even pizzas. Its name is originated from the fact that until the1930’s this salami could have been produced only in the colder months of the year. The strategic objective of Pick Szeged Co. is to meet the needs and requirements of our customers by continuously improving our manufacturing technology, focusing on environmental protection. Carefully selected raw materials and compliance of the work processes with strict quality assurance standards guarantee that only excellent quality products are brought to our trading partners and consumers.

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Sanatmetal Ltd.

The 100% Hungarian owned Sanatmetal is amongst the TOP 40 companies in Europe with its profile, having more than 50 years of experience in thefield. The company is an innovator and certifiedmanufacturer of traumatological, spine surgical, dental and veterinary implants, joint replacement (hip and knee prostheses), and the developer ofthe worldwide unique WIWE ECG device.

The company’s leading solutions are developed in cooperation with Hungarian and international clinics, professors, keeping patient safety and MDR regulationsin view. Regarding trauma line Sanatmetal provides nails, plates, screws and extarnal fixture systems. In relation to its orthopaedic portfolio the company manufactureship and knee prosthesis. For both joint replacement line not only primer but also revision implantsare available. Sanatmetal provides several services with its products such as forecast-based manufacturing, reasonable delivery time, sterile and non-sterile packaging, customer service availability, instrumentservice, commercial support, marketing materials andlast but not least education. Sanat Academy’s missionis to help the Hungarian city of Eger become one of the main international educational centers of traumatology, orthopedics and spinal surgery. Sanatmetal has export activities in almost 40 countries, a subsidiary in Romania, and opened a new factory in Russia (Obninsk) after a successful technology transfer.

The company’s mission is to improve the quality of life as an international family business besides generating profit that ensures continuous renewal. In order to achieve this, we: 

  • Work with national and international knowledge centres and leading multinational companies
  • Develop world-class traumatology, spine and dental implants as well as joint replacement prostheses
  • Help prevent senseless death cases by developing innovative diagnostic devices
  • Spread knowledge in the form of technology transfer as well as acting as an investor. 

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 SILVERIA Electronics Ltd.

SILVERIA Electronics Ltd. is a company which provides Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) as acontract manufacturer located in Hungary. SILVERIA was founded as a family business in 2002, and over the years, our company has enjoyed uninterrupted development, thanks to the persistent work of our highly qualified colleagues and our well designed and implemented processes.

Today SILVERIA is one of the leading Hungarian EMS companies.

The number of our domestic and foreign partners is growing constantly, and we are truly honored by their recurring orders and confidence in us as their reliable, trusted partner in the field of electronics manufacturing. Our mission is to support our customers by our knowledge, experience and use the most modern infrastructure currently available to reach their targets on their markets and be able to optimise the costs of their production.

Core activities:

  • PCB Assembly (SMT and THT) monthly capacity 112 M components
  • PCB laser marking
  • Selective coating
  • Cable confectioning
  • Programming & Testing
  • 3D X-Ray services
  • Semi or Final Assembly
  • Complex solutions involving one or more of the activities listed above

Details about the company:

  • 5,000 m2 ESD production area
  • Number of employees: 145
  • 2 or 3 shifts
  • ISO9001:2015 & ISO14001:2015
  • LEAN, KAIZEN, PPAP, PFMEA, Control Plan, Process Flow Chart and PDCA Systems
  • IPC Trainings internally by own certified IPC Trainer
  • Board or batch level traceability with 2D bar codesystem
  • Microsoft Navision ERP system
  • Strong components purchasing power

Our Partner listed by market:

  • Medical and Healthcare
  • Household Appliances
  • Visual engineering, projection, recording and broadcasting
  • Industrial Electronics, Drivers, Lighting
  • SMART metering & EnergyMain advantages
  • Customer orientation
  • Dedicated to constant improvement
  • Innovative technologies and machine park
  • Cost effective and flexible manufacturing
  • From sample or prototype production to series production
  • Strategical, long-term partnership with our customers

“Electronics is our passion.”

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Tungsram Operations Ltd.

Tungsram, an iconic name, returned to the global market in 2018 as an innovative, premium European brand with the acquisition of GE Lighting’s general lighting business in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Turkey, along with the global automotive operation. 

Human wellbeing in smart cities or buildings, at optimal cost, is one of the strategic goals Tungsram has been working on systematically for the last two years. Our mission is shaping the future of urban living providing technology-driven, smart, sustainable solutions for large metropolitan areas using lighting as a platform. The company believes that upgradeable, smart street lighting, possibly seamlessly integrated with our indoor solutions, is the ideal backbone of a modern city, and offers a gateway to numerous applications that drive better services at lower cost for happier citizens. In our view, the affordability and sustainability of these solutions are just as important as their smartness, their engineering, or their service quality. Together withour partners today, we have an integrated set of solutionsready to be deployed. Headquartered in Hungary, the company leverages salesinto more than 100 global markets. Its highly productive supply chain is centered around its five factories in Hungary, working to the highest quality standards (certified for working with top automotive or aviation industry players) with its almost 4000 employees. These digitized, industry 4.0 driven supply chain capabilities are available for new and existing partners in Europe and beyond. Tungsram also has a long tradition of doing business in and providing solutions for the Middle East for more than 100 years – in some countries even the lightbulb is called a “tungsram” there.

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Vajda-Papír Ltd.

Throughout its 20-year-long history Vajda-Papír has shown incredibly agile, dynamic, and steady development in the hygienic paper market. What started out as a part time job using one machine by now has become a multinational company inboth trade and manufacturing, generating a turnover of 148 million euros, which means not only being a market leader in Hungary but a strong competitor to international companies as well.

Vajda-Papír can manufacture 140,000 tons of tissue paper products per year. Nowadays we export our hygienic paper products – such as toilet paper, paper towels, handkerchiefs, and napkins – to more than 20 countries. Our main brand is Ooops!, which also has a market leader position in papertowel category among other brands in Hungary. The company continued to grow by opening a greenfield hygienic tissue paper production factory unit in 2018 at Dunaföldvár, being the largest in Hungary and one of the largest in Central Europe. The raw wood material used by the factory originates from forests established conscientiously for industrial use, and the amount of water used while manufacturing is significantly less than before. Using environmentally friendly solutions is one of the main principles of Vajda-Papír. Therefore, it is amain purpose to create a working environment in the most innovative way. In addition, the company follows and abides by the rules and regulations governing its activities but goes beyond that by performing activities the environmental impact of which meets the strictest standards. We believe that production should also be environmentally friendly, achieved by making useful products at a competitive price, in a way that is both economical and has minimal environmental impact, using the latest advances in technology and logistics. Reusing production waste is also a high priority, e.g. during production all base paper waste is being reused. Even though Vajda-Papír is mainly known as household paper producer, in 2018 the company has launched its new AFH division to target a new customer segment, the industrial market and present the newest range, Ooops! Professional, which contains high quality paper and cleaning products specifically developed for HoReCa utilization.

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Though the company has more than 80 years of manufacturing history, the new VIDEOTON started its operation 30 years ago in 1992. Three decades later, the group employs a total of 9000 people in 21 subsidiaries on 11 sites (one in Bulgaria and one in Serbia), and its gross income in 2021 was close to 620 million EUR. On the one hand, the aforementioned figures show good illustration of the progress VIDEOTON has made over the past three decades - but the growth has certainly not been constant. The success of VIDEOTON is based on the ability of renewal and the continuous and flexible adaptation to market conditions and expectations, which skills enabled VIDEOTON to turn from a classic subcontracting company to a full-scale contract manufacturer with high added value, wide range of technologies and supporting services. This made VIDEOTON one of the most valuable Hungarian-owned company and the 4th largest EMS based in Europe.

The main profile is electronics manufacturing supported by the company’s own, long-tradition technologies. Based on its competences VIDEOTON is a multi-commodity supplier of parts, modules and sub-assemblies in the field of electronics, plastic injection moulding, stamping, machining, precision machining, tooling and surface treatment, while collaboration with customers in product design, ensuring product manufacturability, also contribute to the domestic and international success of VIDEOTON. In addition to its previous cooperation almost exclusively with the largest multinational groups in several market segments, VIDEOTON recently has already seen the success of a new element in its strategy that has been invented a few years back: the company group has become a partner of newer, small and medium-sized innovative companies, mainly from Western Europe. This means a faster pace, more frequent changes, but also deeper connections and relation to pioneering products. Areas of rapid growth such as battery technology, electric car components, smart homes and home networks are playing an increasingly important role in the portfolio.

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Wellis Magyarország Ltd.

Founded in 2003, as a 100% Hungarian-owned sanitaryware merchant Wellis has grown from a small business into a market-leading manufacturer ofspa products with more than 500 employees, in less than 15 years.

Our company, due to strategic considerations let go of most of the bathroom and sanitary ware productions and instead chose to focus on our outdoor pools and hydro-massage business. As a result, the share of sanitaryware in sales has shrunk to a few percent, butit is now growing again, with ten percent of sales that are expected to keep on growing in the future, alongwith the foreseeable rise in housing construction. Today, 85 percent of the spas produced by the Czafik brothers are being exported, Wellis is Europe’s numberone spa manufacturer, but also among the topten manufacturers worldwide. Our company delivers to all European countries in multiple market segments, but is also present in the Middle East, India and since 2019 in North America: the US and Canada. We had an initial output of 300 tubs in 2010, which in seven years' time reached an annual volume of 10,000, and in 2020 our company manufactured 15,000 spas making us one of the world’s top ten manufacturers and also the largest in Europe. Our goal is to become one of the world’s top three manufacturersin three to five years. Of course, this growth can only be supported by the further expansion of the organization. Wellis sells premium products, while MyLine is a trademark for lower priced products. Wellis-made jacuzzis are available at premium dealers in the UK, Europe and worldwide. 

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